Sunday, January 25, 2009

147 days left

Another week of training down! It was an interesting week for sure. We started the week off with a long and boring swim workout on Monday, 3000 yards. We followed that up with about a 5 mile run, a fun day to say the least. Tuesday was a solid 40 minute run followed by an hour long spinning class. Wednesday we hit the pool for a nice recovery swim. It was a much needed workout to get the body moving and relieve the sore muscles from the previous couple of days spent running. Thursday we hit the pool again, this time to do some sprints to work on swimming fast. After our swim we went straight up to the endurance spinning class, which the gym puts on once a week. The class is catered for the triathletes with its much higher pace and the extended time. It was definitely a tough class, but very helpful and you can count on me being there every Thursday! Friday we went on an eight mile run. I was expecting to be pretty worn out after this one. However, it was exactly the opposite, I felt refreshed and energetic. It was a beautiful run on the centennial trail out around the lake and back into downtown. With the weekend came a crazy idea to ride outside! So at about noon we took off on another ride around the lake. The temperature was 25 degrees, but with the wind chill it was about 12-13 degrees. That was not the greatest idea we have ever had! 12 degrees is cold enough as it is, then think about traveling at about 20 mph on a bike in 12 degree weather. It was about as fun as it sounds. This week is our recovery week in the cycle of 4 week phases, it is the final week of preparation training and then next week the workouts really start to increase and become intense. The highlight of the week, our biking jerseys that we plan on wearing for the race finally arrived!

Thanks everybody for all the support you are giving all of us during our training. Especially my mom who keeps our workout clothes clean and ready to go, and my sister who is also there for moral support....even though she is 3000 miles away!
(Planning out our training schedule)

"The crime is not to avoid failure, the crime is to not give triumph a chance." —H. Weldon

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